User Data Persistance & Cloud Storage


Once a user is authenticated, Uthentic provides simple data storage developers can use to store and retreive user account data. There is no set up or configuration requried to use this feature. Data is securely stored on Uthentic's servers, and is only accessible by the user.


//read data, default to empty array if there is no data
var myToDos = await"todos") || [];

//write data
await uthentic.write("todos", myToDos);


  • There is no limit on the total size of user data stored across all your sites. Additional charges apply if you go over included data quotas.
  • There is no limit on the total size of user data stored for any individual site.
  • Each individual stored object has a maximum size of 5GB.
  • Transfer usage is rounded up to the nearest 10KB on each request.

Additional data

Once your included storage or transfer quota is exceeded, you will be charged for additional data used. Prices vary by account level.

  • Transfer: $0.50/GB
  • Storage: $0.25/GB-mo
  • Transfer: $0.10/GB
  • Storage: $0.05/GB-mo
  • Transfer: $0.05/GB
  • Storage: $0.03/GB-mo