What is Uthentic?

Uthentic (pronounced you-thin-tick) is an opinionated user authentication library. At its core, Uthentic allows developers to verify that a user has access to an email account, which in turn is used as an authentication process.

Client side

Uthentic is a vanilla JavaScript library. There are zero third party dependencies or code of any sort. When you sign up and create your first site, Uthentic gives you a special link to a script that you'll need to embed on your webpage. On load, Uthentic will automatically download any additional assets in the background.

Uthentic includes all of the javascript, CSS, and HTML that you'll need to authenticate a user and read/write user preferences from/to the cloud. Very minimal set up is required (just give your site a name), and we provide an amazing user experience out of the box. If you want to get started, check out our Quick Start Guide.

It is possible to theme or replace the default user experience however you desire.

Server side

No server side code is required to use Uthentic - we handle everything out of the box. However, it is possible to send user credentials to your backend and validate them via Uthentic's API.